What This Blog Is About

What This Blog Is About

Most web sites and blogs about Direct Sales / Network Marketing / MLM focus overwhelmingly on the negative - what's wrong with it, bad experiences, scams, etc. This blog is different. While we discuss the Three Fatal Flaws and other problems with current industry practices, our focus is on positive and pragmatic SOLUTIONS.

Our Vision: To reform and transform this noble and time-tested industry into a positive force for good that powerfully and effectively serves and supports the best and highest good of people, community and planet.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our Industry's Three Redeeming Qualities

You may be wondering why, given the current state of the Direct Sales industry - fatally flawed business practices, 98% failure rate and horrible reputation in the mind of the public - we should bother to do anything to save it? 

Because, our research revealed that the Direct Sales industry possesses many unique qualities, unmatched by any other industry, to positively touch and impact people's lives and serve the best and highest good of people, community and planet. 

Let's review a few of these qualities.

Redeeming Quality #1: Direct Sales is uniquely positioned to contribute to the health and well-being of people, community and planet.

Unlike greedy, profit-obsessed corporations with their impersonal big-box stores and web sites, Direct Sales is all about people helping people, joyfully working together one-on-one and as a team for the true benefit of customers and each other. As Robert Kiyosaki says "...it's a humane way of doing business...heart to heart, soul to soul, business to business, let's help each other out."

In our industry we only succeed when we help others succeed. As we take care of ourselves and take care of others, we create the conditions that enable our community, our local economy, the environment, and the planet to flourish.

Redeeming Quality #2: Everyone needs to use products that are good for them and good for the planet.

No more wasteful, ineffective and toxic products that poison our bodies and the environment.

We teach our customers how to transition to natural, safe, effective products that support their essential needs and promote optimal health and well-being. Every time our customers use the products, they feel the satisfaction of knowing they're making a real difference, serving a higher purpose and being kind to themselves, their loved ones and the planet.

Redeeming Quality #3: Companies can learn, grow and evolve in consciousness.

Direct Sales companies we've studied are realizing that the old System-based way of doing things no longer works. They are asserting more control over distributor organizations, placing more emphasis on customers and setting standards for the training and development of their distributors.

What's exciting to see is that many of these companies are models of responsible corporate citizenship and sustainable, environmentally-friendly manufacturing. They support their local economy, hire local workers, use local suppliers and give generously to charity, thereby setting an example of what's possible for businesses of all types to achieve.

Despite the current state of the industry's business practices and reputation it's well worth saving. No other industry can match Direct Sales' ability to empower average people at the grass-roots level while contributing to the overall health and well-being of people, community and planet.

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