What This Blog Is About

What This Blog Is About

Most web sites and blogs about Direct Sales / Network Marketing / MLM focus overwhelmingly on the negative - what's wrong with it, bad experiences, scams, etc. This blog is different. While we discuss the Three Fatal Flaws and other problems with current industry practices, our focus is on positive and pragmatic SOLUTIONS.

Our Vision: To reform and transform this noble and time-tested industry into a positive force for good that powerfully and effectively serves and supports the best and highest good of people, community and planet.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What Are We Striving To Accomplish?

Author and educator Robert Kiyosaki is a huge fan of the network marketing industry because, in his opinion, "it gives the average person a chance ... to build an asset that can set them financially free."

That's music to my ears, because I am one of those "average" people. I don't have a fancy college degree. I work a corporate desk job, sit in rush-hour traffic, pay my rent and provide for my family as best I can. I've had successes and made mistakes. I'm one of the 30% of Americans who have modest savings and little to nothing in their retirement account...and, like them, I feel insecure about the future.

(Yes, I take full responsibility for my choices over the years. Wisdom comes with time; I would make different choices given the chance. However, I can't go back and do it over again. All I can do is make smarter choices now.)

This isn't my Dad's economy. Things now are tougher than ever: decent paying jobs outsourced to foreign countries, massive student loan debt, high cost of living, declining wages, income inequality and the enormous fundamental changes caused by technology, globalization and corruption by the billionaire class.  

What can a 50 year old man realistically do to catch up? Work two jobs? Start a new career? Cut living expenses to the bone and save every possible penny for the next 15 years, or as long as I remain employable, and hope no major medical problems occur that wipe it all away? 

Wages alone won't do it. The next best way is to start a business. With what capital? A traditional business or franchise costs $50,000, $150,000, quarter-million dollars or more just to get off the ground. Definitely not an option - not only do I lack a big chunk of cash to invest, it would take decades to save that much money or to save part of what's required and hope to get a bank loan for the rest. Even if I could, there is no guarantee of success.

Robert Kiyosaki is right: When one evaluates all the options, direct sales/network marketing appears to be one of the few viable options (or perhaps the only option) for someone in my position to start a business. It requires little up-front investment, can be built part-time, promotes personal growth and enables one to positively impact people, community and the planet.

However, the industry suffers from a 98% failure rate and a horrible reputation. So it's not a guaranteed ticket out of financial insecurity - otherwise everyone would do it and be successful. Fixing the root causes of the failure rate and reputation is one of our major objectives, as described in the Manifesto.

What we are striving to accomplish in this project is to prove that it can work. That someone like me, with no special advantages, wealth or skills, can build a modest business in my spare time and earn at least $500 per month net profit.

Some of you may laugh and say, "$500? That's all you want?" No, I would eventually like to grow it beyond that point in order to reach my goals, but it's a reasonable place to start. Did you know that an extra $500 per month would make a huge difference for the average American family? It certainly would for me. What would the extra income mean for your family, and how would it feel? Why not start there?

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