What This Blog Is About

What This Blog Is About

Most web sites and blogs about Direct Sales / Network Marketing / MLM focus overwhelmingly on the negative - what's wrong with it, bad experiences, scams, etc. This blog is different. While we discuss the Three Fatal Flaws and other problems with current industry practices, our focus is on positive and pragmatic SOLUTIONS.

Our Vision: To reform and transform this noble and time-tested industry into a positive force for good that powerfully and effectively serves and supports the best and highest good of people, community and planet.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Vision and Manifesto

We believe that the Direct Sales industry is badly broken and in need of reform. Decades of deceptive business practices based on greed, hype and false promises have crushed the spirits, hopes and dreams of millions of good-hearted and well-intentioned people, who trusted the industry (and those who brought them in) to provide an opportunity for them to control their own destiny and create a better life for themselves and their families.

For 98% of these people, a better life is not what they achieved. Instead, the majority suffered the stigma of failure, personal embarrassment and in some cases, significant financial loss. Now the industry, called Direct Sales, Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), is scarred with a horribly negative reputation and has lost trust, credibility and respect in the mind of the public.

At the same time, what has been unfortunately overlooked is the greatness and good that has been preserved and perpetuated - how companies in this industry have magnificently contributed to the health and well-being of people, community and planet. Beyond what the industry has currently achieved, we believe there is tremendous untapped potential for the industry to serve, empower, and contribute in more ways and on a much greater scale yet to be imagined.

If the industry has done and has potential to do much more good, why has it failed 98% of those who participate? Why does it suffer such a negative stigma? Our 8 years of research and experience have yielded one conclusion: it is not the Direct Sales model itself that is at fault; it is the way the business is practiced. The basic business model, person-to-person marketing of services and products, is proven and solid. Instead, corrupt, unrealistic, unsustainable and in some cases fraudulent business practices are the cause of the industry's woes, wreaking havoc and unfairly creating the perception that the business model itself is flawed.

Therefore, our mission and focus of this project is to revolutionize and transform this noble and time-tested industry into a positive force for good that is trusted and respected. We will retain the best of what it has to offer and discard the destructive business practices that have prevented the industry from achieving its full potential and positively impacting the lives of people around the world.

To accomplish this transformation, we are developing what we call the New Paradigm, the model for a new type of Direct Sales business that others can follow - a simple, effective and robust higher-purpose venture based on ethical and solid business principles that serves, empowers and supports the essential needs of people, community and planet.

We also are creating a community of like-minded people who are passionate about their health, passionate about the environment and passionate about making a lasting difference in the lives of others. We are teaching this group how to dream, design and build a great business that provides an opportunity to control their own destiny and create a more fulfilling life for themselves and their family through service to others, their local community and our planet - producing a lasting legacy and a better world for us all to enjoy.

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